How to upload a file to Dropbox (and automate it with Paperform)

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Jack Delaney

Want to use Dropbox as a cloud storage solution, but not sure how to upload files? No worries. Here's how to upload a file to Dropbox manually or automatically (it's really not that difficult).

Upload a file to Dropbox online

First, head to and sign in. Once that pre-requisite is looked after, click Upload. You'll be given the option to upload a file or a folder.

If you choose Files, select all the files you want to upload and click Open. If you choose Folder, select a folder (you're limited to one at a time) and click Upload.

Upload a file to the Dropbox app

If you have the Dropbox app on your computer, open the Dropbox folder in Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows). Then, copy and paste, or drag and drop, any files or folders you want to add.

Once the files or folders are in your Dropbox folder, they'll sync to the cloud. When the green tick appears, it's been uploaded. You can also choose your Dropbox folder as the default location to save new files, which helps skip the upload process altogether.

Upload files to Dropbox from Paperform

Uploading files to Dropbox isn't difficult, but what if it happened automatically? We can help with that, with our automation that saves file uploads to your Dropbox folder—handy for storing resumes, creative briefs, or any other submissions that require files.

With answer piping you can make sure your files are neatly sorted by default too. For example, you can choose to have each file uploaded to its own folder, sorted by the name and submission ID of the respondent.

Pretty neat, hey? Be sure to check out Dropbox integration tutorial video for an easy-to-follow walkthrough. At least when it comes to form submissions, you'll be able to leave manual Dropbox uploads behind for good.

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