Product Updates for Papersign: new features and improvements

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Diony McPherson

It's been more than 6 months now since we launched our new eSignature product Papersign.

After fielding loads of requests from Paperform users wanting a signature flow for contracts to be auto-triggered after a form is submitted, rolling this out as our first additional product was a no-brainer.

With Paperform + Papersign, you can send a form and get submissions, pipe the submission data into the eSignature doc, and then get that signed, all in one hit. We've also ensured our referral program (10% for each person referred) includes Papersign.

But you can use Papersign all on its own as an eSignature tool too.

True to form (pun intended), when developing Papersign, we aimed to make the best “Minimum Loveable Product” to automate your work so you can spend more time on the things you love. And of course, we wanted to make something that was powerful yet sexy - especially when it comes to showing off your brand.

Since launch, we’ve been working our butts off to build out features and improvements based on your feedback.

Here's what we've added to Papersign since it launched last July:

Even better document creation UX…

  • Papersign improved signing groups UX - Improves the UX of rearranging signers and adding them into groups.
  • Document variables - Define document level variables on a document. These variables work in a similar manner to signer attributes, but are not tied to a specific signer, and are also available to be populated via the Paperform integration.
  • Custom signing order - Configure signing groups. Within each group, signers may sign the document in any order. Once all signers from a group have signed the document, the signers in the next group can sign.

More Email and Notification options…

  • Default auto reminders - Automatic reminders can now be set on a draft document via settings. If no auto reminders have been set explicitly, the default is still 7 days.
  • Email config added to integration - Map values into the custom invite message and additional recipients in the Paperform integration
  • Automated signing reminders - Configure automatic reminder emails when sending a document, or for a document that has already been sent.
  • Custom email invite messaging - Add a custom message to the document invite email.
  • Additional document recipients - Add additional recipients to the final completed signed document. When added, these recipients as well as any participant and owner will be sent the document pdf.

Improved dashboard to keep you organized…

  • Papersign global search - Open the search dialog anywhere in the Papersign app by pressing cmd/ctrl K or by clicking the button on the dashboard and find any document you have access to.
  • Document organization - Adds permission access and document organization to Papersign.
  • Archiving documents - Archive completed documents. Once archived, they will only be visible in the “Archived” view that’s accessible at the bottom left of the main dashboard. Archived documents can be restored at any time.

Stronger Security

  • Encrypted pdfs - Papersign PDFs are now encrypted to prevent editing.
  • All Paperform products are now SOC 2 Type II compliant

We’ve also made a lot of UI and function improvements to desktop and mobile that we haven’t mentioned here, so go and check out how Papersign can help you get docs signed today!

If you want to read more, start with our Papersign Getting Started Guide.

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Diony McPherson
Diony is Co-founder of Paperform, a no-code form builder launched in 2016. Currently living in Sydney, Australia, with her Co-founder and husband Dean, she's a proud-as-punch mum of five boys.

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