The 8 Best Dropbox Sign alternatives in 2024

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Vivian Tejeda

It’s amazing how we can now electronically sign official documents directly from our couch. Electronic signature software like Dropbox Sign makes the process of capturing legally binding e-signatures a breeze by enabling you to date, sign, and deliver a copy of all documents to both parties.

As great as it is, Dropbox Sign may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Dropbox Sign is a good option for people that don’t mind simplicity, are already using Dropbox (it integrates well with it), or for those running a small business on a tight budget.

If Dropbox Sign isn't working for you, these eight alternatives may better fit your workflow.

1. Papersign for fast, smart, secure eSignatures

Papersign bridges the gap between document management and digital signatures, and makes signing documents and contracts easier, smarter, and faster.

At the core of Papersign is an intuitive, user-friendly design. You can upload and markup a PDF, or create your own from scratch, and start collecting signatures in minutes.

You can brand your documents with your logo and colour palette, creating a more personalized and professional look. Plus, Papersign supports dynamic placeholders, which auto-fill the details of the signee, making your documents smarter and more tailored.

No matter if you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or running a large organization, Papersign can simplify your document signing process, while enhancing your overall productivity.

So while Dropbox Sign is the more well-known choice, Papersign is a great alternative if you're looking for a platform that emphasises automation, and simplicity, above all else.

Best part? Papersign has a free plan so you can try it out for yourself. Get started today, and see how it can transform your document workflows.

Best features

  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance
  • Compliant with major eSignature legislation (ESIGN Act, EUTA, ETA, eiDAS etc.)
  • Brand documents to represent your business with the intuitive in-app document editor
  • Integrate with Paperform forms to populate documents with relevant details automatically
  • Handy slash commands mean marking up a PDF with signable fields is lightning fast
  • Monitor the status of your agreements with notifications and a dedicated dashboard to track progress in real-time


Papersign has a free plan with unlimited users, and 3 signable documents. The Pro plan is $24/user/month.

2. DocuSign for businesses that need e-signatures at scale

Some e-signature applications are simple but have a hard time scaling with the needs of your business. In instances where scale is important, there’s DocuSign to consider.

DocuSign ensures you eliminate the manual tasks that are often associated with capturing e-signatures like sending physical documents to all relevant stakeholders or filing contracts in the right place. Instead, DocuSign enables users to send and sign documents securely to just about any device.

Best features

  • Create, add, and save custom fields to all your documents
  • Standardize processes by creating and storing reusable agreement templates
  • Runs on strong data encryption technology to secure sensitive documents and uphold security through the e-signature collection process
  • Offers more than 30 integrations as well as leading APIs


At its most affordable, you can start using DocuSign for $15 per month. If you’re looking for more advanced e-signature solutions, you’ll have to schedule a call for pricing.

3. PDF Expert for signing documents on Mac

If you combine simple and fast you get PDF expert. Once you’re on its intuitive interface, PDF Expert enables you to edit PDF text, images, and sign documents. Users can also convert static PDFs to Word documents, PowerPoints, or JPEGs.

Not only that, with PDF Expert, users can easily fill out form fields, which can come in handy when filling out tax or insurance documents. If you need a quick way to sign documents on your Mac computer without any of the more advanced extra features, then PDF Expert can easily be your go-to tool.

Best features

  • Annotate, edit, convert, converge, sign, and merge documents with ease
  • Search for and find any words in your document within its dashboard quickly
  • Enriches PDFs by enabling you to add links to other websites or internal pages
  • Add entire paragraphs within the editor


Interested in getting started with PDF Expert? You can download it for free or buy its more advanced version starting at $6.67 a month (billed annually as $79.99).

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for signing documents on Windows

Besides creating stellar design platforms, Adobe also offers an e-signature option with its Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If you’re a Windows user, this is one of the best ways to unlock e-signature capabilities that work swimmingly with the tools you already use.

The great thing about Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is that your recipients don’t have to spend time downloading the application to sign your documents. With the Adobe Scan mobile app, users can easily convert physical documents into PDFs by snapping an image and using instant text recognition features.

Best features

  • Get real-time visibility into the state of your documents whenever you send them out
  • Get automated notifications when signatures have been captured
  • Create and manage templates for documents you use often
  • Add custom branding to e-signature request emails and confirmation pages


To get started with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, its Acrobat Standard plan starts at $12.99 a month.

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5. for pay-as-you-go, mobile-friendly contracts

If mobile-friendly is what you’re looking for, look no further than As an on-the-go signature app, eSignature ensures contracts are built for a mobile audience by enabling them to easily read through documents and add the appropriate signatures from any device.

A perk of using is that you pay for exactly what you use with its pay-as-you-go usage model. Its API and Zapier integrations make it easy to fold into your existing workflow without having to worry about clunky incompatibility between apps.

Best features

  • Send contracts through SMS messages
  • Enables users to bulk send contracts
  • Users can embed signature pages into their websites
  • Manage user access with assigned permissions


One of the standout features of is its pay-as-you-go rate: only $0.09 per sent contract.

6. SignWell for free e-signatures

Who doesn’t love free applications? SignWell is a great option for those on a budget. SignWell has all the features you’d expect from an e-signature app—we’re talking permanent storage of signed documents, legally binding signatures, and instant open notifications.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a free application fool you. SignWell is built to record legally binding signatures and takes note of what’s been done by who with its audit trail features. Plus, it lets you know when a document has been opened as soon as it happens, keeping you in the know at every turn.

Best features

  • Easy to create drag-and-drop signature fields
  • Recipients don’t need to download any software when completing a signature
  • Makes it easy for multiple people to sign documents
  • Tracks and records audit trail of all key signatures and document activity


You can start using SignWell for free.

7. Signeasy for multi-document signing workflows

Signeasy is built for teams that care about streamlining processes and optimizing for efficiency. In one word: speed.

With Signeasy, users can easily create workflows to send, sign, and manage documents on one platform. Need to collect signatures in bulk? Signeasy enables users to create public signing links for easier recipient access.

Best features

  • Allows you to set up templates for future use
  • Contains usage reports for visibility and tracking
  • Integrates with the likes of Google Docs, Gmail, Zapier, and Salesforce
  • SOC type 2 compliant for high-security features
  • Advanced signer authentication features


You can get started with Signeasy’s Business tier at $40 per user per month. However, if you only need access to its more basic features, a $15 per user per month plan is available.

8. Signrequest for smaller companies

While it won’t necessarily come with all the extra bells and whistles an enterprise team might need, Signrequest offers the essentials. It’s the perfect e-signature application for smaller teams.

With Signrequest, users can sign documents through just about any device. As the creator of the legally binding document, you’re able to choose which order you’d like recipients to sign documents. Not only that, senders and receivers can attach documents to a signature request. Once done, Signrequest streamlines the data storage process by organizing all documents in one centralized place.

Best features

  • Comes with plenty of custom integrations to apps like Dropbox and Zapier
  • Offers a public signing link to make it easy for multiple recipients to sign a document
  • Built-in bulk send features for easy document management


Start using Signrequest for $9 a month per user.

Capture e-signatures and more with Papersign

In the realm of e-signature platforms, you're likely to find an array of options capable of fulfilling your basic needs. The real differentiation, however, lies in their capacity to effortlessly blend into your existing workflows, cost-effectiveness, and the level of customization they offer.

For those in search of a solution that offers comprehensive capabilities—including intuitive document preparation, advanced workflow automation, and superior e-signature features—Papersign is a standout.

Ready to streamline your document signing process and enhance efficiency across your digital interactions? Get started with Papersign free.

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