Yacht Club Application Form Template

If you're running or managing a yacht club, you might be looking for an efficient way to collect membership applications online. Look no further than Paperform. We even created this stunning form template to help you get started in just a few seconds. Click the button "Use this template" to begin customizing it.

We broke down this yacht club application form into a few pages to make it easier and more interactive to fill out. The first page collects all the personal and contact information of the club's prospective members. The following "Membership" page asks them a few questions about their boating experience and motivations for joining your club.

Finally, the last "Application Fee & Declaration" page informs them of the registration fee that needs to be paid, and asks them to agree to the club's terms and conditions. You can easily change the membership price in the "Configure" menu of the "Price" field. If you're using Stripe payment gateway, it's also possible to make the payment recurring (every month or every year).

Happy yachting!