Workshop Registration Form Template

Use this online form to let people sign up for your workshops. We created this template so you wouldn't have to start from the blank page. Just click the button "Use this template" to make it yours.

It doesn't really matter if your workshop is online or takes place in an offline setting, allowing your participants to sign up through an online form has become a norm nowadays. It's fast and convenient for both sides. Your participants can let you know in just a few clicks that they're coming, and you can easily collect all the information that you need from them.

You can collect payments for your workshops via the same online form. Paperform securely integrates with Stripe, Square, PayPal Business, and Braintree. If your workshops don't have a set price, your participants can even insert any amount that they prefer to pay themselves.

Should you have any questions about Paperform, don't hesitate to contact our team through the live chat.