Website Design Questionnaire Template

Before starting to work on a website design project, it's a great idea to ask your customers to fill out a website design questionnaire. It's a form that aims to collect all the essential information about your customers' wants and expectations: like helpful examples, benchmarks, colors, fonts, functionality, but also budget constraints and timelines.

To create your questionnaire, you might either start from a blank page, or use a template below that we prepared for you (just click the button "Use this template" to duplicate it). Paperform allows you to choose among more than 20 different form-fields to collect all kinds of data. For example, you might use a dropdown field when asking about the preferred fonts, or open-ended text questions when inquiring about customers' feedback regarding their existing website. There's even a color-picker field, which might be particularly useful for collecting the color requirements.

Once your website design questionnaire is live, you might either embed it on the landing page, or forward it directly to your customers. By the way, should you ever get stuck or have questions about Paperform, don't hesitate to contact our customer success team through the live chat below.