Video Game Feedback Form Template

If you're a game developer who's looking for ways to collect feedback from users and fans, you've landed on the right page. There's no easier way of doing this than using a simple yet beautiful online form. Luckily for you, our team at Paperform has already done all the heavy lifting by preparing this form template. Click the button "Use this template" below to import it into your account.

Once this form template lands in your Paperform editor, you can start customizing it to your wants and needs. One thing you might do is adding your company's logo at the top of the first page. You can also tweak or replace the following fields, and decide whether you want your users to answer close-ended (scale or multiple-choice) or open-ended questions.

Once your form is ready, you can either send it directly to your respondents or embed it on your website. All Paperform forms are responsive by default and look great across both desktop and mobile devices.