Submission Form Template

Use this submission form template to capture news, stories, reports, and any other information from your responders. To start editing the form below, simply hit the "Use this template" button.

That particular submission form is designed for those who are looking to capture the news and reports on the COVID-19 disease. But you might easily make that form fit your unique purpose by tweaking the description at the top and adding your organization's logo. Head over to the theme settings to tweak the colors and fonts.

Your submission forms can collect all kinds of data. Use the Text field to collect information like names, surnames, or custom responses. To collect emails, addresses, phone numbers, or country names, you might use the respective specialized question-fields. You can also collect images or files using the Image Upload or File Upload fields.

If your submission form gets longer, it might be a good idea to break it down into multiple pages. You can do that easily with page-breaks. Once you have two or more pages, a navigation bar will appear below.

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