Sports Quiz Template

Use this Paperform's template to create a custom sports quiz. Simply click the button "Use this template" below to duplicate and import this form into your account. You can then start customizing the theme and tweaking the questions.

This sports quiz has ten multiple-choice questions in total. While editing your form, you can easily tailor them to your needs and liking. For example, you can add other types of questions: like text fields for open-ended questions or dropdown lists for country selection. Also, note that by default, this quiz displays one question at a time. However, you can easily switch to the standard full-page mode in your form's theme settings.

Paperform makes it easy to calculate scores automatically. This sports quiz, for example, dynamically calculates the total score of the respondent and displays it right after answering the last question. Optionally, you can also automatically send the scores to the respondents via email.