Social Media ROI Calculator Template

Looking for a simple tool to calculate the effectiveness of your social media campaigns? Or perhaps you want to build a social media ROI calculator to generate leads for your agency? Either way, you've landed on the right page. At Paperform, we created this beautiful calculation form that you can make yours in one click, for free.

We split this calculator into three pages. On the first page, your respondents are asked to insert the variables that go into the ROI calculation:

  • Total campaign Facebook visits (how many people visit your website)
  • Landing page conversion rate (what percentage of visitors convert into leads)
  • Close rate (what percentage of leads convert into customers)
  • Lifetime customer value (how much money an average client pays you over their lifetime)

The second page collects all the information about the expenses that go into the campaign. The calculation here is a sum of three variables: Total Ad Spend + Content Creation Costs + Labor Costs. Once the respondents answer all the questions and navigate to the third page, the form automatically calculates the social media campaign's ROI.