Secret Santa Form Template

Secret Santa is hands down the most fun and social Christmas ritual. The idea is simple: the members of a group are randomly assigned a person to whom they are supposed to give a gift on Christmas night. Usually, there's an agreed approximate budget for the gifts, e.g. around $50. This helps to ensure that all the participants would receive relatively equal presents. After unwrapping their gifts, the participants might try and guess the identities of their gift-givers.

Every Secret Santa game should have a host — and that's actually a challenging role! The host creates a Secret Santa questionnaire for the participants, makes sure that the assignment of gift-givers is fair and random, and handles all the other administrative work.

We created this Secret Santa form to simplify the whole process for you. Instead of using paper questionnaires, you might forward the participants this simple form and collect all the information about their preferences in just a few minutes. If you integrate your form with Google Sheets, all the responses will synchronize immediately. Finally, the Secret Santa host might quickly and easily do the randomization.

Merry Christmas!