School Registration Form Template

If you're running an admissions department at a school or a university, you might be looking to create an online school registration form. The good news is — you landed on the right page! We built this form template to help you get started in seconds. Just click the button "Use this template" and make it yours.

It makes perfect sense to accept school applications not only in-person or by post, but also online. After all, online registration forms have so many pros and very few cons. First of all, it's a huge time-saver both for your applicants and employees. Less paperwork means less hassle, less storage space, and fewer chances to lose or misplace something.

Secondly, accepting applications online might enable you to streamline your internal processes. Paperform integrates with 1000+ apps like Google Sheets, CRM systems, email automation tools, and more (you can even send all of the responses to your internal database).

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