ROAS Calculator Template

Are you looking for a simple tool to calculate ROAS (return on advertising spend) and measure your ad campaigns' efficiency? Or perhaps you want to show your customers the possible returns and generate leads for your agency? If either is the case, you've stumbled on the right page.

At Paperform, we built this beautiful ROAS calculator form to save you a bunch of time (and also to show how cool and powerful our software is. Wait, did I say that out loud?). Click the button "Use this template" to duplicate and import this calculator into your Paperform account. You might then add your company's logo at the top, customize theming details like fonts and colours, and tweak the form fields.

The formula behind ROAS calculation is straightforward: (revenue from the campaign / campaign ad spend) x 100. You can, of course, change and modify it to your needs, but we'd recommend keeping things simple.

Have you got questions about Paperform? Or perhaps you tried customizing the calculator, and things got broken? No stress. Just reach out to our customer success team through the live chat in the bottom right corner, and we'll be happy to give you a hand.