Rental Property Calculator

This rental property calculator allows you to quickly estimate the net profits (or losses!) from buying, maintaining, renting out, and eventually selling a particular property. The calculation uses the following variables:

  • Purchase Price: how much money the property is going to cost you?
  • Monthly Rent: how much revenue renting out this property is going to generate?
  • Vacancy: # of Days: the number of days monthly the property is empty?
  • Taxes: what percentage of your revenue do you have to pay in taxes?
  • Annual Insurance: how much is the annual insurance going to cost you?
  • Repair & Maintenance Cost: how much is the property's maintenance going to cost you?
  • Property Management Fee: if you work with a property management company, what's the fee that they're charging?
  • Leasing fee: # Months Rent: if you're working with a leasing company, the leasing fee covers all the costs of having the property leased.

Once you fill out all the required fields and navigate to the second page, the form runs all the calculations behind the scenes and returns the summary of your revenues, expenses, and net operating income (NOI).

If you're managing a real estate company, you can easily use this calculator to generate leads. We've already added all the fields to capture your respondents' names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Click the button "Use this template" below to make this calculation form yours.