Referral Form Template

Want to create a referral program for your business? Customize this beautiful form template, then integrate it with other services using Paperform's in-app integrations.

But, first of all, what is a referral program? And why should you create one for your company? A referral program is a system to get people to make referrals to your business. It basically means incentivizing the existing customers to make sales on your behalf. These incentives are usually monetary, such as major discounts, cash rewards, or access to the products or services that would otherwise be paid.

Instead of using an expensive service, you might power your referral marketing program with this simple online form. Simply hit the "Use this template" button to import the template into your Paperform account and start customizing it. A good idea might be to replace your company's logo on the first page and explain how the program works. On the following pages, you might collect all the information about the prospective customers and set the expectations regarding the rewards.

Good luck, and we hope your referral program takes off!