Real Estate Client Intake Form Template

Automate your real estate client intake process with this Paperform template. Click the button to import that form template into your Paperform account and start customizing it.

Client intake forms help real estate agents to determine what customers are a good fit for what properties. They help to seamlessly gather information about clients' preferences and expectations online, which saves time and allows the real estate professionals to plan their work better.

The real estate client intake form below is nicely structured into a couple of sections. Property Information section collects all the information about the property in which the clients are interested. Applicant Information collects the information about the customers. Rental History data is helpful in managing clients' expectations and also helps with the due diligence. Employment Information is essential in some countries to prove that the potential buyers/renters have the means to afford the purchase/rent.

The form can't be submitted unless the responders answer the required question Confirmation of Application affirmatively. The real estate professionals might also (optionally) collect a fee payment online upon the submission of the form.