Psychiatric Evaluation Form Template

You might use this online form to conduct a basic psychiatric evaluation of your patients before their appointment with a medical professional. Additionally, you might collect their personal and medical history information. Click the button "Use this template" to make this template yours and start editing it.

It's a good idea to collect the personal information of your patients before jumping to the psychiatric evaluation. These questions are easy to answer and might put your responders at ease. Also, if your responders decide to close the form pre-maturely at some point, their partial submissions will be saved securely in your personal cloud account (note that the partial-submissions feature is only available on Pro and Agency plans).

The second page of this form template contains a few questions about the medical history of your responders. You can easily tweak these questions, add more, or remove the whole section altogether if you don't need it.

Finally, there's a "Mental Health" section. You might ask your responders open-ended questions or let them select multiple-choice options. Depending on the structure of your psychiatric evaluation, you might also (optionally) automatically score the responses and generate a final result that might or might not be shown to the responders.

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