Property Release Form Template

A property release form is a legal agreement between an owner of the property and a third party (usually, a photographer) allowing the latter to use the photographs or videos of the property for commercial or personal purposes.

While the rules governing the use of photos and videos of private property are quite simple (you always need to sign a property release form) — things get more complicated when it comes to public property. You might get into trouble for taking and using the photos or videos of governmental buildings or property that belongs to companies. And so if you're planning to use those materials on social media or for commercial purposes, it's recommended to go the extra mile to obtain official permission.

Whether you're a property owner that receives many property release requests, or a photographer who works a lot with real estate — we created this property release form template to help you streamline this whole process. No more paperwork — signing release forms online is convenient, secure, and might save you lots of time and hassle.