Product Evaluation Form Template

Let your customers evaluate your product with this beautiful form template. To begin editing your form, hit the button Use this template below.

First of all, you might be looking to replace the visual at the top with your product's image. It'll help your responders to relate immediately and will help to build trust. Later, go and modify the question-fields. Editing forms and landing pages in Paperform feels almost like writing an online document thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface.

You might not necessarily want to use the emojis in the Overall Rating question. You might replace those with more detailed text-based ratings. You might also consider using the scale question field in your product evaluation forms.

If you're looking to create a longer multi-question form, it might be a good idea to break down your form into a few pages. That evaluation form template, for example, features two pages, and the responders cannot navigate to the next page before completing all the questions on the first one.