Price Sensitivity Survey Template

Asking your customers how sensitive they are to prices is crucial to predict accurate sales and improve your market offering. Find out how your customers view your prices using this quick online form.

Getting your prices right is important to increase sales and reduce buyers regret, so sending out a price sensitivity form is a great idea to ensure you are providing customers with value. You can ask customers what ever questions you think will provide you the most honest and reliable feedback using over 20 different question types such as multiple choice, scale and open ended questions.

When someone submits their survey, Paperform automatically exports all submission data to the destination of your choice, such as Google Sheets, allowing you to view all responses in the one easy place. Show your customers you value them by sending an automatic response after a submission thanking them for their time and feedback.

Click "use this template" to begin creating your own price sensitivity form and customize it to represent your brand as much as you want.