Membership Cancellation Form Template

It's always sad to see your customers go. But when you should, it's best that you give them a beautiful membership cancellation form. Click the button to import that template into your Paperform account to start customizing it.

Depending on your business (and the nature of the membership which is being canceled) — your membership cancellation form might have different fields. The template below, for example, would work great as-is for a gym or an online school. It collects all the personal information of the student and asks about which classes they would like to cancel. It also has a question about the reasons for canceling their membership — it could be an open-ended text field or a multiple-choice question.

Under the After Submission settings in your Paperform editor, you can set up emails to be sent out to your responders after the form is submitted. It might be a great way to address your customers personally, saying thanks, or asking for feedback.