Marketing ROI Calculator Template

Want to create your own marketing ROI calculator? Instead of paying someone to code it from scratch, you might use this beautiful calculator that we've built for you at Paperform. Click the button "Use this template" to import it into your account and start customizing it.

This marketing ROI calculator is perfect for SaaS companies, agencies, or marketing consulting companies that want to measure their campaigns' effectiveness. On the first page, your respondents can fill out all the variables that go into the marketing ROI calculation:

  • What is your marketing budget? — the total marketing budget of the campaign, measured in US dollars. If you wish, you can easily change the currency while editing the form.
  • How many leads would you like to generate? — the number of leads (potential customers) that you expect your campaign might bring.
  • What is your expected activation rate? (%) — the rate at which your leads convert to customers. It's going to vary highly depending on your business and industry.
  • What is the average lifetime value of each customer? — how much money, on average, do your customers pay for your products/services over their lifetime (while they remain active clients of yours).

Once your respondents navigate to the second page, the calculator will automatically calculate the ROI (return on investment) and the net profit (in absolute numbers) of your marketing campaign.