Language Quiz Template

Are you looking to create a custom language quiz? Instead of spending hours building one from scratch, we'd recommend using this beautiful Paperform template. Click the button to make it yours.

Once this language quiz template lands in your account, you can start tailoring it to your wants and needs. If you're working for a language school, it might be a good idea to add your company's logo at the top of your form. You can also change fonts, colours, or add a background image of your choice. Paperform's free-text interface makes it easy and intuitive to add text, questions, images, or embed videos anywhere on the page.

One might say that there are two types of language quizzes: the general knowledge tests, and quizzes that test proficiency in a particular language. The template below belongs to the former category, but you can easily change the questions and adapt them to your needs.

You might have noticed that this template uses a guided (one question at a time) mode by default. We usually recommend this form experience for surveys and quizzes — since it's engaging and makes your forms fun to fill out. However, feel free to switch back to the static mode and see what works best for your unique quiz.