Interior Design Project Scope Form Template

If you're running an interior design agency, you might be looking for an efficient way to collect your customers' project scope details. Now, the good news is — you've stumbled on the right page. Instead of building a form from scratch, you can just duplicate this beautiful template that we prepared for you. Click the button "Use this template" to get started.

We broke down this project scope form into multiple pages to make it easier and more fun to fill out. Once this form lands in your Paperform account, you can easily change the number of pages or add additional ones (hint: use page or section breaks). You can also customize the questions — there more than 20 different field types available. In particular, you might use a color-picker form field to collect the color requirements from your customers.

Have fun! And should you have any questions or run into roadblocks, don't hesitate to contact our customer success team through the chat in the bottom right corner.