Instructor Evaluation Form Template

This form is for those who are looking to evaluate the performance of teachers or fitness instructors. However, you can easily tweak it to assess the work of just about anyone.

To begin with, figure out what kind of feedback you are looking to collect. How well are your responders familiar with your organization? How closely have they worked with the person being evaluated? The answers to these questions will help to guide the design and structure of your form.

Before you add any questions, make sure that your form looks good. In the Theme settings, you can change the colors, fonts, background images, and customize the look of the UI elements like a navigation bar.

Adding questions to your forms is easy. Just click anywhere, and the option to Add questions* will appear. You can add page breaks, images, or videos to your forms just as quickly.

Don't forget to customize the After Submission settings. In that menu, you can create success pages, set up automated emails, and (on the PRO and Agency plans) also create custom PDF documents that are generated dynamically and attached to your emails.

Have fun creating with Paperform!