Instructor Application Form

Streamline your hiring process with this Paperform's template. This form is designed for fitness/gym business owners who are hiring instructors. However, you can easily modify it and make it fit your industry.

Your first step might be theming your form. Head over to the Theme settings to tweak the colors palette, change fonts, or customize the interface elements like the look of the navigation menu or the text on the Submit button. If necessary, you can also translate your form into any language.

Once your form looks good, start figuring out what exactly information you're looking to collect and add the questions to it. Editing forms in Paperform feels almost like writing an online document. Just click anywhere on your form and add questions or page-breaks (these allow you to break your forms into multiple pages).

Finally, set up the After Submission settings for your forms. You can automate emails to be sent after your form is submitted, like emailing the submissions back to your applicants, or even custom automated emails (like a reminder to show up for an interview).

Good luck with your hiring process!