Giveaway Entry Form Template

Giveaway campaigns are a powerful marketing tool to spread the word about your product, company, or event that you're organizing. If you're searching for a simple tool that might help you collect giveaway entries, look no further than Paperform.

We created the form below to help you get started. It's quite simple and elegant, featuring just two fields: an email field (it will only accept correctly formatted email addresses), and a "Terms & Conditions" field. Unless both of these fields are answered, the visitors won't be able to submit the form.

To make this giveaway entry form template yours, simply click the button "Use this template" below. Once it lands in your Paperform account, you might easily theme your form, add your company's logo and additional form fields (for example, a fun idea might be allowing the participants to select their prize in case they win).

Good luck with your giveaway campaign!