Exit Survey Template

Want to know why your customers are leaving? Create a friendly and good-looking survey with this Paperform template and find out. Click the button "Use this template" below to start customizing that form in your Paperform account.

Customers might be abandoning your product or service for a number of reasons, not necessarily negative. Sometimes, they might simply not need it anymore. And, indeed, other times — they might unsatisfied or leaving for a competing product. It's therefore very important to get in touch and figure out the real "why".

It's important for your exit survey to look personal. Make sure that your responders can immediately relate what company/service the survey represents — include your company's logo on the first page and write up a clear title for the form. Next, include a personal message explaining why you're sending over that exit survey and why it's so important for you to know the reason why your customers are leaving. Do not sound negative or offended — your exit survey should be all about kind understanding. After all, your responders are about to make you a favor by answering your questions.

Once you receive the form submissions, consider getting back to your responders with a personal email, potentially addressing their feedback or concerns. You might also automate the emails in the After Submission settings of your forms.