Employee Availability Form Template

Looking for an easy way for your employees to submit their availability for upcoming shifts? The Employee Availability Form Template lets you do exactly that in a simple, beautiful way.

This pre-built template consists of three pages. First, your employees will need to add their details, then select their available dates, and lastly, they can insert the exact time for every chosen day of the week. You can customize all design elements of the template, add or delete form fields, or move around the order of the questions.

To share the Availability Form with your employees, simply copy-paste your template’s direct link to share with your team via email. You can also connect this template with over 3,000 third-party apps and tools via Zapier or Make integrations, so once your employees have filled in their availability, it can automatically be added to your HR systems, your team availability Spreadsheets, or Calendars.

Employee Availability Form Template FAQs

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3. How does this Employee Availability Form Template help me roster shifts faster?