Demographic Survey Template

Find out who your customers really are thanks to this demographic survey template. First of all, hit the button Use this template below to import that survey into your Paperform account and start editing it.

Customer demographic surveys might be useful for businesses of all industries and sizes. Whether you're running a SaaS company, an eCommerce website, or a brick & mortar store — you might not understand your whole customer base. You might need to ask them deeper questions about their job, interests, problems, or place of living.

It's important for your customer demographic surveys to represent your company and your brand. Make sure that you add your logo to the survey and write up a personal message explaining why it's important for you to know those things.

You might consider using multiple-choice questions for your demographic surveys, as there are usually a limited number of options. Alternatively, if you're sending out your survey to a small group of participants, you might also use open-ended text questions.