Contest Entry Form Template

Organizing a competition and looking to create a form to accept entries? Here's a perfect contest entry template for you. Click the button the form description to import that template into your Paperform account and start customizing it.

That contest entry form template is quite simple. As the first step, you might change the form's title and add your description at the top. You can also change the form's background image (unless your form is all about going to Paris).

The form has just four question fields. You can easily customize those or add additional fields (there are in total more than 20 unique fields to choose from, including special fields for collecting phone numbers, addresses, country names, etc.)

An essential part of the contest entry form is Terms & Conditions statement. You must consult with your legal team before customizing that section.

Finally, you might notice that the text of the "Submit" button has been tweaked to "Enter Now!". You can quickly revert it or replace it with whatever you prefer in the Theme > UI Elements > Submit Button menu in the form editor.