Client Questionnaire Template

This form template is perfect for those who are looking to survey their prospective customers. For example, a marketing agency might use that template to figure out what services their leads are interested in, what their budget is, and what their expectations are. You can easily make that client questionnaire template yours and adjust it to your needs.

Get started by tweaking the Theme of your form. You can change colors, fonts, add a background image, and customize how the navigation menu looks. You can also optionally translate your form into any language.

When designing your questionnaire and adding questions, make sure that your form isn't too overwhelming. Use page and section breaks to break off your forms into smaller and more digestible chunks of questions.

It might be a good idea to create a success page for your form. So when the responder submits the form, he or she would land on a customized landing page, which might inform them about the next steps and link to some useful resources.