Cleaning Quote Form Template

This template calculates a quote for how long it will take for a job to be done, and then lets the submitter pay for and schedule the quoted time in the same submission.

Using our Calculations Feature, you can customize your rates to match your pricing. Each element of this template is customizable - from colours, typography and imagery to the services and products you list, allowing you to enjoy great flexibility.

Forgo the need to create a custom quote for each request. Simply link your prospective clients to this form and it'll do it for you automatically, creating a seamless experience for both you and your customers. Alternatively, you can embed this form to your website to easily collect leads and appointments.

You can connect this template with your favourite apps to make data collection and storage easier than ever. Never miss an appointment by integrating this form with your personal calendar, so all confirmed bookings are automatically added once they're paid for.

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