Casting Application Form Template

Reaching and attracting the best talent can be a problem when trying to find the right people for a casting call.

Our casting application form makes the process of applying for a project casting easy and straightforward. Applicants fill in their personal details, preferred role from a drop-down list, headshot and any other information you want to collect. Then all submissions get stored in one convenient place for you to review. You can even send an automated email to someone after they apply, letting them know their application is being reviewed.

Get your casting call seen by embedding it on your website using a custom URL or sharing it on your social media. Don't worry, our forms look great across all devices.

Jazz up your form with colors, fonts, images and media to make it stand out. For example, if you have a casting call for Romeo and Juliet, why not decorate your form with a Shakespearean theme using fonts and colors and inserting a short video clip of an iconic scene.