Car Loan Calculator Template

Are you running a car dealership? Or perhaps you're managing a personal loans company? In either case, you might be looking to create a car loan calculator. Well, then we've got good news for you — you don't need to build anything from scratch. Instead, you might duplicate and customize this ready-made template that we've prepared for you at Paperform.

This car loan calculator might not only be useful for your customers, but can also serve as a great lead generation tool. You might have noticed that we broke down this calculation form into two pages. On the first page, your respondents can answer a few basic questions about their desired car loan:

  • How much money they would like to borrow
  • Their preferable payback period (you can easily customize the options while editing this template)
  • The interest rate (if you like, you can replace this slider with a scale that has pre-defined values)

Once your respondents move to the second page, the form will automatically compute and display all the loan calculations. We also added a couple of fields at the bottom to capture all the necessary lead information.

Have you got questions about Paperform or how this car loan calculator works? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team through the live chat below.