Camp Registration Form Template

This Paperform template might be perfect for those who are running a camp for kids and are looking for an easy way to accept registrations. Just hit the "Use this template" button and start customizing it.

First of all, you have to be aware that your online registration form represents your whole business. And therefore, it should look attractive, friendly, and build trust at first sight. Take your time to add the logo of your camp/organization to the form, customize the colors, add attractive visuals, and write up a nice description of your camp's history or mission.

You are free to choose among more than 20 question-types. If you're looking to collect specific data like phone numbers, addresses, or city names, it's a good idea to use the specialized fields — this way, your data will be better formatted and easier retrievable. At the end of your form, you might include a special Signature field — so parents could confirm the registration and the submitted data.

Finally, head over to the After Submission section. There you can create success pages (the page where your responders are redirected after the form is submitted) and set up the automated emails to your responders. Those might be the confirmation of the registration, details about the camp, or even reminders of the crucial deadlines.