Buyer Questionnaire Template

A buyer questionnaire might help you and your customers to streamline the process of purchasing products and services. Such questionnaires help to collect all the important information from your customers efficiently and in a consistent format, eliminating any hassle and saving up lots of time.

We created this buyer questionnaire for a real estate company, but you can easily customize it and make it fit your company's needs.

The template below is ideal for a pre-meeting buyer questionnaire. This questionnaire collects all the most important information from the prospective buyers and helps you to prepare well for the meeting. You might also use that questionnaire as a lead generation form.

Another option is to turn this template into a meeting buyer questionnaire. This form might be used interactively during the actual meeting with the potential purchaser of your product or services, helping you to stick to the agenda and reminding of the aspects/questions that need to be covered.

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