Briefing Form Template

Team briefings are an essential way for managers to provide information, assign tasks and answer questions. However, being a manger your schedule is often busy and you don't always have time to inform employees in a regular weekly briefing.

Instead, use this form to document and communicate all the important announcements and messages needing to be conveyed in the organization so you have more time to do the important things.

You can also use this form to provide an opportunity for your staff to ask questions and add items to the agenda prior to a briefing to give structure to the meeting and ensure everybody is on the same page.

Share the briefing form directly through a URL or embed it on a website. Once a form is filled, you can have form responses sent automatically to the right managers or team it needs to go to.

Make sure everyone is in the know and up to date with what is happening to deliver better results and improve business efficiency.