Brand Equity Survey Template

When talking about brand equity, marketers refer to the perceived worth of the brand by itself (separately from the products or services that the company is offering). The whole theory is that the owners of highly-recognized brands can generate more revenue simply because consumers generally believe that the most well-known companies out there must be offering the best products and services.

If you want to measure your brand equity, there's no easier way to do this than running a survey among your target audience. There's no standard format or set of questions to use. However, it's a good idea to ask about the following aspects:

  • How familiar the consumers are with your brand and your competitors' brands
  • How frequently they use the products or services or these brands
  • How likely they are to recommend these brands to their family and friends
  • What experiences have they had with these companies

We created this beautiful template below to show how your survey might look. The icing on the cake? You can easily duplicate and customize it to your needs. Simply click the button "Use this template" below.