Bootcamp Registration Form Template

Kicking off a brand new bootcamp and looking to collect registrations online? The good news is — we created this template so you wouldn't have to start from scratch. Click the button "Use this template" below to make it yours.

Once the bootcamp registration form lands in your Paperform account, you can start customizing it. Head over to the Theme Settings menu to style your form. You can tweak fonts, colors, the look of UI elements, and even translate your registration form to multiple languages.

Your form submissions are securely stored in the cloud account. If you want to, you can easily synchronize your bootcamp participants' information with external services like Google Sheets or a CRM system of your choice.

You might also accept payments from your participants upon the registration. Paperform integrates with the most popular payment systems out there: Stripe, PayPal Business, Square, and Braintree.