BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator Template

Are you running a medical clinic? Or perhaps you're an independent dietitian or a fitness instructor? Whatever the case, you might be looking to create a BMI calculator that your customers might use to quickly measure their body mass index. The good news is — there's no easier way to get started than using this ready-made template that we've built for you at Paperform.

Click the button "Use this template" to import this form into your Paperform account. If you don't have one yet, don't worry, Paperform offers a free 14-day trial, allowing you to properly explore the platform before committing to anything. Once the calculator lands in your dashboard, you can start customizing it. For example, you can add your company's logo at the top, tweak theming details like colours or fonts, or change the background image. You can also add additional fields to capture your respondents' information (like their names and email addresses).

This BMI calculator uses a standard formula for calculating the body mass index, allowing your respondents to choose between metric or imperial units. Check out how it works now!