Basic Job Application Form Template

Increase the quality and quantity of potential job candidates with this form template. Hit the button "Use this template" below to import that form into your Paperform account and start customizing it.

Job application forms don't have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the form is to navigate and fill out, the higher the chances that the potential job applicants are going to make it through. It's essential, however, to make the form fully represent your company's brand. Consider adding your logo on top of the form and writing up a short welcoming sentence describing the role.

Papeform makes it very easy to collect all the relevant documents from your job applications. You might use a file upload field to obtain resumes or motivation letters. When a file is uploaded through a form, it is given a unique public URL, but only those who have been given that URL will be able to access that file. Thanks to that feature, you might easily share the documents with your colleagues who aren't the users of Paperform.

If you want to hire the top talent, the personal approach and quick feedback are essential. Head over to the After Submission settings to set up automated emails that might be sent to your responders upon the submission of the form, informing them about the next steps and setting up certain expectations.

Good luck with your hiring process!