Bakery Order Form Template

Running an online bakery is now as easy as pie! Paperform is your all-in-one solution for accepting orders, processing payments online, managing inventory, and communicating with your customers. We built this form template so you could get started building your online form in just a few clicks.

Once you hit the button "Use this template", the form below will get imported into your Paperform account (if you don't have one yet, create it — the free trial is 14 days, no CC required).

Now, head over to the Theme settings in your Paperform editor. There you can tweak the background color of your form, change fonts, and modify colors.

Paperform allows you to manage product inventory right inside the form's editor. Your customers can preview how your goods look, read detailed descriptions, and select the quantities of each product that they'd like to purchase. Finally, they can submit their orders and securely pay online — Paperform doesn't charge you or your customers any extra fees.

Bon appétit!