Art Quiz Template

Do you want to create a custom art knowledge quiz? There's no easier way to get started than using this ready-made template that we built for you at Paperform. Click the button "Use this template" below to duplicate and start customizing it.

Once this art quiz template lands in your Paperform account, you can start theming it and tweaking the questions. It might be a good idea for starters to change the background image, fonts, and modify colours to your liking. You can also easily replace or reorder the form fields. Since art is very visual, it might be wise to attach images to the questions and multiple-choice options. It'll help to make your quiz even more engaging and fun to fill out.

You might have noticed that this quiz uses a guided (one question at a time) form experience by default. If you wish, you can easily switch back to the standard (static) mode in the Theme Settings.

Once your respondents submit the form, they'll receive an automatic email with their quiz results. Alternatively, you can also display the score right before or after the submission.