Approval Form Template

If your employees require regular approvals for something, you might streamline this process by asking them to fill out an online approval form. It could be a simple form like the one below, featuring a couple of fields:

  • Description of matter requiring approval: this might be either an open-ended field or a dropdown list if there are defined options for which an approval might be needed.
  • Upload any supporting documents: the responders might upload one or multiple documents to support their approval request.
  • Name: a simple open-ended field collect their names and surnames.
  • Date: today's date might be pre-filled automatically for the responders.
  • Signature: you might even collect electronic signatures through your online form.

The good news is — you don't have to start from scratch! Click the button "Use this template" to import this approval form template into your Paperform account and start customizing it.