Introducing a New Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

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Direct access to Creative Cloud Libraries enables creatives and business owners to easily access on-brand and up to date creative elements straight from Paperform.

Finding new ways to simplify digital creation is what makes us tick. Whether it’s creating templates or pushing the boundaries with automation, we love helping you work quickly and efficiently to build the perfect solution for your business.

This is especially true when it comes to customisation. We believe you shouldn’t need a degree in graphic design—or any coding skills—to create beautiful forms, landing pages, and ecommerce sites that reflect your brand and feel truly yours.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our integration with Adobe® Creative Cloud® Libraries, which makes your brand assets from Creative Cloud available within the Paperform editor. Now it’s much easier to maintain brand consistency and deliver a cohesive experience across all your content.

Connect creative cloud libraries with Paperform to keep brand elements a click away

Our new integration empowers you to add brand assets saved in Creative Cloud Libraries straight into Paperform. With support for imagery, logos, icons and entire color schemes, you can keep designs on brand without any hassle.

No matter if you’re a freelancer working with multiple clients, an artist building an online store or a startup creating forms at scale, with our integration for Creative Cloud Libraries you can now work more effectively, be more creative and have a single source of truth for all your branded Paperform projects.

Paperform for Creative Cloud Libraries Image Showing Branded Event Registration FormsConcert posters designed with Paperform

With the Paperform integration with Creative Cloud Libraries you can::

  • Access creative assets without having to manually search for, verify and upload them for each design. Creative Cloud Libraries allows you to have instant access to creative assets that are updated and on-brand, without leaving Paperform.
  • Speed up your designs by doing away with long searches through your laptop for the right images, logos and icons or jumping between tools and windows. It’s tedious tasks like this that slow down the creative process and put unnecessary delays on the final product.
  • Align your team with a central source of truth. You’ll be able to cut down on back and forth between employees and ensure your creative assets are consistent across all your Paperform designs. Work smarter, not harder.

Simply connect your Adobe account from the Integrations tab in the editor (you can also click the Creative Cloud logo when customising your form and follow the prompts). From there, you can easily pull creative elements directly from your Creative Cloud library into Paperform.

Image imports are done through the standard image picker, or using the “/adobe” slash command inside the editor. A window will appear displaying your library, where you can select your desired graphic, illustration, logo or image. Any asset you select will appear in Paperform immediately.

As for your brand colors, they can be chosen anywhere you select a color. Simply click the “Choose from Creative Cloud” button, or on the Creative Cloud icon to display and apply any color schemes available in your asset browser.

Paperform for Creative Cloud Libraries Image Showing Branding features and quick integrationDesigns made using Creative Cloud

“Both Paperform and Adobe are dedicated to creating more seamless experiences for creatives through automation,” said Aubrey Cattell, Vice President, Creative Cloud Developer Platform at Adobe.

“Consistency is a cornerstone of effective branding, and creation is often collaborative, which means that assets reside across many systems, tools and teams. This integration will allow teams to streamline processes without having to switch between apps.”

To use the Paperform integration for Creative Cloud Libraries you’ll need an active Paperform subscription and an Adobe account. Access is available for Paperform users across all pricing tiers. Try it out today with our 14-day free trial and if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to support.

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