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Smart forms for WordPress

Smart forms for WordPress

Tired of clunky drag-and-drop WordPress plugins? Use Paperform’s modern free-text form builder to create beautiful branded forms that you can freely embed on multiple pages and sites.

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Your new favourite block in the WordPress editor

Your new favourite block in the WordPress editor

Thanks to Paperform’s dedicated WordPress plugin, embedding online forms couldn’t be easier. Simply type “/paperform” on a new line inside the Gutenberg editor, then copy and paste the form’s URL into the displayed box, and voilà! And if you decide to tweak or edit your forms later, all the changes will be reflected on the embedded forms automatically.

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Make your WP forms pop

Make your WP forms pop

With Paperform, creating popup forms and buttons in WordPress is a breeze. Once you’ve added your form’s URL, just tick the “Use a popup button” checkbox or add a ** popup-button ** shortcode attribute to make your forms appear on click. You can also easily customise the look and feel of the popup buttons to match the look of your site.

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Advanced customisation at your fingertips

Advanced customisation at your fingertips

Just because it’s simple to use doesn’t mean Paperform’s WordPress plugin doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve. Want to boost your overall site speed? Turn on “lazy loading” so forms only load when they’re on screen. There are a bunch more advanced features too, like the ability to disable automatic scrolling or set an offset to account for fixed navigation bars on your site.

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