Photography Ecommerce Software

Begin selling your photography prints online through Paperform's easy to handle e-commerce software. Accept payments, control your products, and automize order confirmation emails.

Begin selling your photography prints online through Paperform's easy to handle e-commerce software. Accept payments, control your products, and automize order confirmation emails.

1. Use the template

Go to the template page and click "use this template." If you don't have a Paperform account, you will need to sign up for a free trial first (no CC details are required).

You can also start a form from scratch if you would like, but using templates is a great way to familiarize yourself with the platform and its features.

2. Change the logo, header, and text within your form.

We have included a logo in this template that is extremely easy to replace. Simply select the logo and click the replace image icon which sits left from the 'X' icon. It's the same process to replace the header image found below our dummy logo.

If you want to make a body of text shorter, edit or simply delete it, you can click in the correlating place or highlight the text, much like you are working on a Word doc.

If you wish to edit any of the questions on your template, simply click on the text within the question field and do as you please.

Editing ecommerce product fields on Paperform

Find out more about adding images to your forms.

You can add a body of text, image, or question anywhere on your form builder by merely clicking the area where you'd like to drop it. A small toolbar will appear on the left, and from this, you can choose what you want to add to your form by clicking the corresponding icon.

Adding questions to your ecommerce forms

3. Change the look and feel of your form.

Now that you have changed your form's basics, it is time to edit its look and feel to represent your business better. Your form editor's top right corner is the 'Theme settings' (colored waterdrop) icon.

From here, you can personalize your form. Simple changes such as the background color, text font, and color of buttons can be done from here. Typography allows you to better control the appearance of your text throughout the form.

Changing the typography of your online forms

The look and feel of your buttons and questions can be edited from the 'UI Elements' tab, while you can change the background color and even upload a background image from this tab as well.

Have a play with making this form more 'YOU.'

4. Sell your prints!

We have included a set of dummy products on this template to showcase how the products appear on Paperform's pages. You may want to edit the materials and replace the dummy prints with your own.

To edit the product field and replace the currently listed material and prints with yours, enter the configuration settings by clicking the cogwheel icon that sits on the product field's right-hand side. From here, click the "Products" tab to see the full list of products.

Depending on how many products you need to add, you can either use the UI to manually remove, modify, or add new products. You also can utilize the CSV export/import functionality to manage your products in a spreadsheet.

Editing photography prints products in Paperform

5. Using section breaks.

We have placed multiple section breaks set with visibility logic throughout the form. Each section break has one of the product prints. We have implemented this to allow the customer to select which print size they would prefer. It works as follows.

The customer selects their print from the list of products. Once this selection has been made, their selected print appears below, and the customer is prompted to choose their preferred size from two options.

You can easily remove or replace those print images. You also have the ability to edit the sizing options by heading into the configuration of the dropdown field. To edit the logic set to the section breaks, simply enter the configuration of each break by clicking on the cogwheel icon that lays on the right-hand side.

Setting up section breaks for your Paperform pages

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6. Put through a test submission

Click the 'view" button to go to the live form. Fill in the form and submit it. You can access submissions via the dashboard.

Find out more about what results look like on Paperform.

Putting through test submissions on Paperform

7. Set up a payment account to start receiving payments.

Before you can start taking payments, you'll need to select a payment source under Configure > Payments.

If you don't have any payment source connected yet, you can set one up by clicking "Manage Payment Accounts" and following the prompts on one of the support payment providers (Stripe, PayPal Business, Braintree, or Square).

Connecting payment gateways to Paperform

8. Set up an automatic after submission email.

Once a customer has placed an order, you will want to send an email confirming that you have received their order and payment.

To set up a confirmation email that will automatically send once a customer has submitted their form, go into After Submission > Emails. Then click 'add email,' follow the prompts, and create your automatic email. You can pipe answers from your submitter into this section, such as their email or name.

Find out more about answer piping.

Confuring automatic emails on Paperform

9. Final checklist.

Before making your form live you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Edit the title, description, cover image, and custom URL under Configure > Details.
  2. Customize the submission page message under After Submission > Success Pages & Redirect.

You're done! You can get the URL or embed code of the online order form under the Share menu in the form editor.

Happy form making!