How The Well-Paid Expert uses Paperform to help solopreneurs grow

Learn how Kathleen Celmins, The Well-Paid Expert, uses Paperform to run a thriving business—and how she helps her clients do the same.

Kathleen Celmins, the owner of The Well-Paid Expert, uses Paperform to create personalized quizzes that help clients grow their email lists and revenue. Paperform's flexibility, branding features, analytics, and support make it her preferred quiz builder. Clients have seen substantial results, such as 14,000 new email subscribers in six months and $60,000 in affiliate revenue in two months. Kathleen praises Paperform as an intuitive platform for interactive content that delivers desired outcomes quickly.


  • Kathleen Celmins is the business owner behind The Well-Paid Expert, which helps solopreneurs and small business owners grow their email lists, influence, and revenue through lead-generating quizzes.
  • Kathleen uses Paperform to build relevant, personalized, and impactful quizzes that her clients use as part of their marketing efforts and sales funnels.
  • She’s tested out several options for quiz builders, but Kathleen loves Paperform most for its intuitive interface, branding and customization features, helpful analytics, and friendly customer support.
  • The quizzes she creates for her clients speak for themselves, with many of them bringing in thousands of new email subscribers and tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.


  1. Challenge: With quizzes as one of her core offerings, Kathleen needed a platform that was flexible enough to build all different types of quizzes and interactive content, without all of the complexity and confusion of other popular quiz builders.
  2. Solution: After experimenting with some other choices, Kathleen landed on Paperform as her go-to quiz builder for herself and her clients. Using Paperform, Kathleen works with her clients to build high-converting quizzes that help them grow their audience and monetize their expertise.
  3. Results: Kathleen is thrilled with Paperform’s ease of use and top-notch customer support (especially when creating more complex quizzes), while her clients are delighted by the impact their quizzes have on the business—including more conversions, bigger email lists, and higher earnings.


These days, it seems like everybody claims to be an expert. But when it comes to making a living online, Kathleen Celmins really knows her stuff.

Kathleen runs The Well-Paid Expert, where she helps solopreneurs and small business owners grow their email lists through relevant, lead-generating quizzes. It’s about more than the quizzes, though—Kathleen’s passion is helping people realize that they can build their careers and their lives on their own terms.

She wants to help people “understand that there’s a ton of money to be made in online business and that it’s not hard to access it for yourself,” she says. “That’s what gets me up in the morning.”

A lot of that comes back to helping people discover the unique skills, perspective, and expertise they bring to the table. “You’re the wine inside the bottle,” she says. “You can’t see your own label, so you can’t really tell what might work.”

That’s exactly where she comes in, helping people uncover what content or offerings will pull people in and not just boost their audience size, but actually convert them to loyal followers and customers.

“You want to fill your email list with eager subscribers who are ready to buy from you,” she explains. “If not today, then down the line.”

Most of the time, that involves interactive content in the form of a quiz. “The list-building technique that I’ve used dozens and dozens of times for clients is quiz-building,” she shares. “Teaching people how to get alignment on that can help them build their email lists by thousands.”

The challenge

With a business built on quizzes, Kathleen needs a quiz-building tool that’s both reliable for her and intuitive and approachable for her clients who also need to use it.

Sometimes that means adapting to whatever solution her client is already using. Because of that, Kathleen has played around with other popular options like Typeform and Google Forms, but she found them clunky or downright unattractive to use.

Interact is another big name in the world of quiz building. However, Kathleen says that solution is limited to only quizzes (you can’t use it for other forms she or her clients might need), and it’s both expensive and complicated.

That complexity is a major disadvantage, especially when many of Kathleen’s clients are already daunted by the concepts of list-building and lead generation. “It’s a level of complication that will make my clients peace out and never come back,” she adds.

The solution

Kathleen first discovered Paperform through an AppSumo deal four or five years ago—and it didn’t take her long to realize it would be a total game-changer for her and her clients.

Now, when she gets to be the one to steer clients toward a preferred quiz-builder, her choice is always Paperform. “It’s my favorite annual expense,” Kathleen says. Why? Well, here are a few things she loves about our platform.

It's is my favorite annual expense.

Kathleen found her perfect solution in Paperform.

1. Personalized quizzes and experiences

Kathleen doesn’t just help her clients build quizzes—she helps them build quizzes that are super relevant to their businesses and compelling for their ideal customers. That means she needs a quiz builder that’s flexible not only in the types of quizzes she can build, but also in the ways she sets them up.

“The best quizzes are like ‘choose your own adventure,’” she says. “Based on the way you answer the first question, you get a totally different set of questions.”

That approach creates a far more personalized and engaging journey for the quiz taker, but Kathleen says implementing that conditional logic can be so complicated it makes your eyes glaze over.

That’s not the case in Paperform, and it’s one of the features Kathleen likes best. “It’s programming, but in a regular language that I understand,” she says

2. Easy branding and customization

Clients use quizzes as part of their lead-generation efforts. They’re a critical part of their overall branding and marketing strategy—and that means they need to look the part.

Kathleen found that other solutions like Google Forms didn’t offer the level of branding and personalization she was looking for.

In contrast, Paperform’s form builder gives you a lot of control over not only how your quiz or form behaves, but also how it looks. You can customize text, colors, background images, and more.

And you don’t need to pride yourself on your graphic design skills to pull together something that looks polished. “I find it really easy and intuitive to set that up,” Kathleen says specifically about Paperform’s customizations.

I find it really easy and intuitive to set that up.

3. Insightful results and analytics

For Kathleen and her clients, proof of success isn’t in the quiz itself—it’s in what the quiz produces for the business. That means Kathleen pays close attention to the results and reporting section of every quiz.

This doesn’t just give you surface-level information about how many people completed the quiz. “What’s really neat about it is that it shows where somebody dropped off,” Kathleen explains. She can tell exactly where somebody abandoned the quiz and then use that to make strategic improvements with her clients.

“If there’s something that’s confusing, then we can reword it, remap the logic, and make it better,” she adds.

4. Friendly and helpful customer support

It’s safe to label Kathleen as a certifiable “quiz whiz,” but even she admits that some quizzes are more complicated to build than others—like scored quizzes, where the total of your answers points to your result.

If and when Kathleen does get stuck in a quiz quandary, she appreciates that she can turn to Paperform’s support team to help her walk through it.

“Every single person I’ve talked to is friendly and knowledgeable,” Kathleen says, mentioning that Paperform’s support is in a league of its own. “The other day, I had a GoDaddy support chat followed by a Cloudways support chat and then a Paperform support chat, and it was like going up a staircase.”

“Every time I have a question,” she adds, “I get somebody who decides to stay invested until we’re done.”

The results

Kathleen relies on Paperform as her go-to quiz builder for clients. “I have been a fan of Paperform for a really long time,” she says. And it’s easy to see why—the quizzes she creates in Paperform have generated some incredible results for her clients:

  • One recent “What type of job should you look for?” quiz that was created for a job search coach brought in 14,000 new email subscribers in only six months.
  • One quiz that pushed people toward different affiliate links made the client $60,000 in affiliate revenue in just the first two months.
  • One quiz boasted a 30% conversion rate for discovery calls while a separate quiz garnered an impressive 808 responses in the first 24 hours.

Kathleen says these results prove “over and over again what we already know: interactive content just kills,” she says, especially when you build it on a platform that’s flexible, customizable, and easy to use.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Kathleen says it best when she describes Paperform as “the easiest, most intuitive platform that will get you what you want in as short of time as possible.”

Paperform is the easiest, most intuitive platform that will get you what you want in as short of time as possible.

Elevate your business with Paperform

If you’re interested in building a quiz for your own business, you know exactly who you need to reach out to Kathleen at The Well-Paid Expert.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and sign up for Paperform for free (no credit card required) and start exploring all of the interactive content you can create to level-up your business.