How ReasonWhy Halved The Time They Spend On Administrative Tasks Using Paperform

ReasonWhy's Product Manager, Garbiñe Hoyo Martínez, shares how Paperform has transformed workflows for the online news outlet.


  • ReasonWhy’s subscription, HR, recruitment and feedback forms allow them to create automated workflows that have reduced their need for multiple tools and the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks.
  • Paperform’s easy-to-use interface allows ReasonWhy to create new products without the help of a tech team.

Challenge: Investing money and tools into maintaining subscription and feedback workflows

Prior to using Paperform, we had to invest in tons of different tools to cover multiple business functions like lead generation and user feedback. This not only resulted in hours worth of manual work, it also meant that information was scattered all over the place. We had to work double the amount to adapt styles on each one of these platforms, trying to make them all work together. Most of these needs have now been centralized, thanks to Paperform. We now have a continuous feedback loop through our website form, which allows us to keep a pulse on how our subscribers are feeling about our work. Lead capture is another function that has been completely automated with Paperform; we have a bunch of short forms to collect leads on our website, which automatically send lead data to our emailing app, saving us hours of manual work whilst ensuring that anyone who signs up receives our intended email sequence in their inbox. Garbiñe Hoyo Martínez, ReasonWhy

Challenge: Innovating quickly without relying on a tech team

The most significant benefit of using Paperform has been the possibility to innovate quickly, creating new pages and types of content without the need to include a tech team or develop a whole set of tools and options. We have been able to create a bunch of new products and showcase new ideas thanks to Paperform. This includes a whole interview that was conducted and published from start-to-finish using Paperform. Garbiñe Hoyo Martínez, ReasonWhy

Challenge: Hiring and maintaining employees

Hiring can be very time consuming, but Paperform has also allowed us streamline the entire process through recruitment forms that allow candidates to attach resumes, complete answers that help us evaluate them and provide them with a score so we can have a better understanding if they’re the right candidate for the role. Using integrations, we connect the form with Trello and Google Drive to filter and categorize candidates as a first step. We also use Paperform internally to test the knowledge or abilities within our team, identifying strengths and weaknesses to create different work-teams based on that information. This keeps our entire team connected and satisfied. Garbiñe Hoyo Martínez, ReasonWhy

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